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白須賀芸能祭 練習の成果披露

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reporter 2014/3/10 16:54

 2月22日(日)白須賀南部構造改善センターで、第23回白須賀芸能祭が開催された。 笠子太鼓のオープニングから始まった芸能祭は、午前中に白須賀中学校音楽部の演奏や白須賀幼稚園の園児、白須賀小学校2年生による劇が披露された。 午後からは地元住民の方が舞踊やハーモニカ、フラダンスなど日頃から練習し楽しんでいる芸を披露した。 まだ足元が寒い時期だがフラダンスのダンサーたちは爽やかな笑顔を振りまきながら流れるように軽やかに踊って常夏の雰囲気をかもし出し、ハーモニカの演奏では観客も一緒になって歌い、会場内が一体となっていた。 白須賀音頭でフィナーレを迎えるまで会場内は大勢の人で賑わい、白須賀地区の絆を深めていた。


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I o <a href="" target="_blank">new balance wide minimus</a>......more
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on on Niagara Falls Boulevard. A big crowd on <a href="" target="_blank">new balance 997 x nonnative dune</a> -hand to receive plenty of giveaways and to have their say on the show sharing their Bills related thoughts and opinions.

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on on Niagara Falls Boulevard. A big crowd on-hand to re <a href="" target="_blank">new balance women's 805 running shoe</a> ceive plenty of giveaways and to have their say on the show sharing their Bills related thoughts and opinions.

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Rating: 0.0

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Stoneh <a href="" target="_blank">new balance running jackets</a> am Theatre

395 Main St.

Stoneham, MA new balance men's 'mw978' gore-tex boots shoe 02180

(781) 279-2200

Stoneham Theatre is more than just a venue; it s an organ <a href="" target="_blank">new balance rc5000 uk</a> ization involved in offering ......more
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Hamm entered rehab new balance minimus amp mt1010 to ta <a href="" target="_blank">new balance tennis academy</a> ckle his addiction with the suppor......more
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A plan to give parents tax credits for private schools or home-sch <a href="" target="_blank">west nyc new balance retail price</a> ooling has won initial approval in new balance ml574drd the Colorado Senate west nyc new balance retail price after a spirited me <a href="" target="_blank">mens new balance waterproof shoes</a>......more
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Cholita was kept illegally by <a href="" target="_blank">new balance 890 trail</a>......more
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It's that time again C <a href="" target="_blank">comprar new balance 573</a> harlie Cardinal fans, IU has scheduled another new balance 997 history lose-lose game for themselves against the Fighti <a href="" target="_blank">new balance breast cancer walking shoes</a>......more
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